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netspend promo code

Sign up today to receive $20 into your prepaid debit card after depositing $40.
Limited Time Offer! Do not miss this opportunity!
(Funds will be deposited within 48-72 hours of deposit)

Your new Netspend prepaid debit card will your everyday card, its quick and easier to help manage money. The card does not require a minimum balance and you do not get overdraft fees. It can be used as a regular debit card where ever they take Visa. Please follow directions below for Free $20 debited into your account.

1. Go to Netspend ( is the referral site)

2. Fill out all the important details and when you asked for a referral code use “7816457193″

3. Deposit $40 and you will receive a free $20 into your account.

Net spend an alternative banking choice. It allows customers to bank smart financially to manage there money. It is easy to create an account and start being smart with your money today! There is no credit checks, no interest charges or late fees, and also receive your paycheck earlier when you set up an direct deposit to your account. The direct deposit on the account will allow your paychecks to be paid two days earlier. Netspend also has cash back reward programs as well, so take advantage and sign up!